Q: How much do tattoos cost at Lovesick?

A:  We charge $150/hr for large, multiple session tattoos. Smaller, single sitting tattoos are priced at the Artist’s discretion with a minimum of $80.

Q: How do I get scheduled for a tattoo?

A:  Come by the studio or give us a call. Depending on availability and the size/detail of the tattoo, we will either take care of you on the spot or take a deposit and schedule you for a later time. 

Q: What do I need to bring to a consultation?

A: References, $100 deposit and an open mind:

1.) References: These can be any image(s) that help to convey the vision you have for your tattoo. (I.e. photographs, paintings, other tattoos etc…)
2.) Deposit: $100 per appointment date. These are non-refundable and are applied to the cost of the final session of the tattoo. (Call for further details)
3.) Open mind: The final design will be a combination of your ideas and the Artist’s style. You may not get exactly what you first envisioned, but you will get a cool, unique design in the style of the artist that you choose.

Q: How do deposits work?

A: Deposits reserve your appointment(s), get your tattoo designed and go toward the final session’s cost upon completion of the tattoo.

You will forfeit $100 of your deposit(s) if you:

*Don’t show up to your appointment  *Are more than 20 minutes late 

*Give less than 7 days notice when rescheduling

If you cancel the tattoo all together you will forfeit your entire deposit

All deposits are absolutely non-refundable. (Please call or come by for further details)

Q: What should I do to prepare for the tattoo appointment?

A: * Within 24 hours of the tattoo appointment, you’ll need to shave the general area or the entire limb where you want the tattoo. Shaving at home with a nice razor, shaving cream and hot water is going to be more comfortable for you, easier for the artist and it promotes easier healing. If you are prone to ingrown hairs, a little baby oil after the shave will help.

* Be well rested and eat a good meal within an hour or so of the tattoo. This is very important, especially for long tattoo sessions.

* Shower right before the appointment and wear clean, comfortable clothes that you won’t mind getting a little ink on.

* You can bring headphones to listen to if you like. Don’t bother with books, nobody reads when they’re in the chair.

* You can bring drinks and snacks, just no alcohol or full meals. We do not allow open food in the store due to smells and cleanliness.

* Come alone or please keep anyone else coming by limited to a short visit. We are a small studio and can’t accommodate too many people. Also, it’s boring for the visitor and can be very distracting to the tattoo artist. Please note that we do not allow anyone under the age of 18 inside the building.

* Don’t be intoxicated or hung over, a clear head is best to have when enduring the pain of a tattoo.