What is this studio all about?

Lovesick Tattoo is a place where minds can meet to create something new and awesome, that you can keep for the rest of your life.

This studio was established in 2010. It’s purpose was to become a place where quality comes first not only in art, cleanliness and professionalism, but also in being welcoming, helpful and comfortable. The ideal place to get tattooed for anybody whether you’re 18 or 80, covered in tattoos or don’t have a single one. Here, you will always get the same respect and gratitude that you show us.

Our tattoo designs are original and hand drawn, not copied. Appointments are set with ample time to complete tattoos properly, nobody is rushed and corners are never cut. Everything is new, sterile and cleaned with proper chemicals. You can come here knowing that you will get unique, quality tattoos done by a professional in a safe environment.

Your skin is sacred and tattoos are forever. Our art becomes a part of you. It will be part of the image that your friends and family remember you by, in life and in death. Come in and let us take your ideas and turn them into a tattoo you can be proud to call your own.